Horse Show Preparations

Before show season:

Set goals for the year and discuss show schedule, plans, and budget with your trainer.

If you will be attending UHJA shows, make sure you pay your membership dues before the first show.

Make sure you have all the items on the “Horse show packing list”.  Planning ahead can save you tons of money if you shop sales, ebay, or find another rider at the barn who has outgrown items you need!  Try to get all your shopping done WELL before your first show.

The week or two before the show:

.Mail in your show entry and deposit to avoid late fees.

Pull your horse’s mane to about 4 inches long.

Make sure your horse is up to date on farrier work.

Double check your tack and have any needed repairs made.

Trim your horse’s fetlocks.

If your wool saddle pad needs to be washed, it will have to air dry.Do it now.

Make sure your hunt coat has been dry cleaned if needed.

The day before the show:

 Wash your horse.  Don’t just rinse, scrub every inch!

After washing the tail spray it with Show Sheen or Lazer Sheen and let it dry before brushing it out.

Clip the bridle path, jaw, muzzle, and ears.

Don’t forget to put a sheet and jammies on to keep your horse clean.

Thoroughly clean and condition all of your tack.

Use shoe polish to shine your boots.

Braid your horse now if you will be showing early in the morning.

Load your tack, clothing, grooming and care equipment so it is ready to go in the morning.

The morning of the show:

 Plan to be up EARLY to make sure you have plenty of time for warm up and grooming.  Don’t forget your horse will need time to eat breakfast too.

Pick up your number from the horse show office as soon as you get there.

Give your horse plenty of time to see the show grounds and arena before the show starts.

Bring a “ringside bag” to the arena with hoof oil, baby oil, washcloths, a tail comb, baby wipes, tail brush, etc.Type your paragraph here.

Horse Show Packing List

UHJA membership for the year - $35

Rider’s Clothing for Hunter Shows:

Black show helmet (IRH, GPA, Charles Owen, Etc)

Hair net to match hair color

Hair elastic

Riding shirt with choker

Well fitted hunt coat

Leather belt

Beige or Khaki Breeches

Black riding gloves

Well fitted field boots

Small children may wear jodhpurs, paddock boots, and garter straps instead

Rider’s Clothing for Schooling Shows or Jumper Shows:

Helmet (Black show helmet preferred, but not required)

Team polo shirt

Hair net to match hair color and hair elastic


Tan/Beige/Khaki breeches or jodhpurs

Field Boots or Paddock Boots with half chaps or garters

Black riding gloves


Bridle with reins (raised, padded, and fancy stitched preferred)

Fleece pad or half pad (real wool fleece preferred)

Saddle with stirrups and leathers



Spurs (if used)

Grooming Items:


Laser Sheen or Show Sheen

Hoof Oil

Baby Oil

Brushes, Curry, Hoof Pick, Hair Brush, Comb

Wash Clothes

Baby Wipes

Black shoe polish and brush

Braiding kit – yarn, scissors, comb, rug hook, seam ripper, spray bottle


Horse Care:

Sheet to keep the horse clean

“Jammies” to keep braids clean

Water bucket for the show

Chain and double ended snap to hang water bucket at show

Hay bag or hay net.